Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Time for year-end sentimentalism! 2009 was a not a typical year (but then again – what is a typical year? Will revert about that later), however as always there are those moments you will remember. Those moments that will take you through to next season and past and coming challenges. As always some of our Seaon sailors have been busy sailing their Seaons far from home, e.g. Anders in Norway visiting IMM in Copenhagen (and doing very well in the IMM races), Sebastian in Lausanne both being in Venice and in the Stockholm Archipelago again with his blue Seaon and some Swedish Seaons visiting Finland and Denmark. Below some randomly picked moments where the Seaon just makes you smile even more. One of those moments where when sailing home from the round Aland Race in the middle of the night, a few days after our midsummer. Very little wind, flat water and a magic scenery as just the Archipelago between Stockholm and Turku in Finland can offer. Sunset, “night” photos and the short movie are taken between 11 pm and a few minutes past midnight.

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New sailing Year!

Kapten "Flytvast" at the helm

And some "moments" from Peter in Denmark: