Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Trimaran Big Catch?

In our pursuit of “Muda” weight (Muda = waste, a key term in the Toyota Way) every small kilo (or actually fraction of kilo) counts. As Stefan says: “You cannot reduce weight by addressing one single area only". Consistent weight chasing and maintenance in all areas of the boat is needed. All major parts are measured and potential deviation is analysed ……and then we have to add filler (of course as little as possible), primer and finally paint, glue and fittings....to be measured on weight again.
On the picture you see Mr Frolow, our team leader for filling, fairing and painting with what looks like a big catch - but it is actually not so big, from a weight point of view at least. It is the horizontal bulkhead in the forward part of the float with a weight of 3,2 kilo. Muda hunting in all areas continues…


Tuesday, 9 October 2007

A different day in the trimaran office

Having had the opportunity to test new sailing waters again, I have to say there are truly many beautiful places to sail and they are really different. We were invited to sail with Sebastian, Kerstin and their daughter Olivia on their Seaon 96crb SUI-1 in Lausanne on Lake Geneva. What a beautiful place! My experience so far from this region is passing by on the high way in winter time on the road to the Alps (well, they are virtually on the other side of the lake). I have always wondered how it would be to sail on this lake.

As always there are regional winds patterns. Sebastian explained light winds are dominating (estimated 60-70% of the time). There are days of northerly “black” (my direct translation….) stronger winds, there are “white” (my translation again…) winds from the south. Maybe I did not properly understand, but a few days before our visit there was a sandy wind (from Sahara) visible on boats (not so nice…) and cars, but is was “sandy” rather than white. Most “different” to what we are familiar to, are the sudden “gusts” of 30+ knots (remember - Sebastian has the two minutes above 25,6 knots on the GPS). Due to this there is an audio visual warning system ashore.

We had however an excellent weather with +20 degrees sun and light winds sailing 2-9 knots of speed at 2-6 knots of wind the higher speeds achieved with the Screacher which with the furler this is a very convenient sail to handle. I wonder however how I would do in racing here….wind was shifting 20-30 degrees (or more) every now and then and wind speed was varying between almost zero and 6 knots (what a feeling to glide in 4 knots of speed with no visible wind on the water and mountains reaching up to more than 2000 meters aside).

Picture: Sebastian, Kerstin, Olivia and Ulrika enjoying a day on the net

Also very different to our sailing waters is that lunch apparently commonly is eaten ashore at some nice harbour at a convenient distance. You can also choose whether to eat in a French or Suisse restaurant. In proper winds France is only an appetizer away.

Even if Lake Geneva is the home of the Decision 35, a multihull “parked” outside the restaurant is always a spectacular view and invites to many spontaneous new contacts and also offers a few minutes of fame, as in this case a blue metallic trimaran is something very “different” which demands a photo to be taken by stunned families passing by on their walk.

Obviously Sebastian also has caused quite a “head spin” for many performance monohull sailors as he passes them beating upwind in his “relaxed monohull headspin position” on the net.

On Sunday we made quick visit to Jacques and his Seaon 96crb SUI 2 (also at Lake Geneva) to check on some general and local improvements suggested by him. Amongst others Jacques thinks there is even some more sail area to be added to the Max Jib.

Another very nice takeaway from the Lake Geneva experience is that I learnt that Mr Bertrand Cardis manager and owner of Decision, the boat yard building Alinghi, Decision 35 and amongst others has been on board on Sebastian’s Seaon. Obviously we are delighted to hear he very much liked the boat and our construction (….Alinghi, Decision 35 using the same pre-preg technology and supplier).

All in all a delightful weekend, even meeting and sailing together with Seaon co-founder Jan Wallmark (now also living at Lake Geneva). Jan as always, is helping out and servicing in all kinds of situations.

Picture: Sebastian, Jan and Jan trimming furiously....

Thank you Sebastian and Kerstin for your kind hospitality!


Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Updated Seaon website Seaon

As some may have noticed we have updated our website slightly (as always - excellent work by Jonas and Anders at agency "Svensson" (www.svenssonreklam.se)). Objective being amongst others:

  • High lighting blog/news, where we communicate new pictures, news, events, thoughts and more. (Thanks for comments and feed back! Please continue– it is highly appreciated, potentially also using blog comment facility.)
  • We have taken away the forum on the main menu due to little activity and some confusion about when to use the Forum as opposed to Blog. The Forum still exists but will be used for special purposes and on request.
  • Also we have uploaded a movie – Experience 1 http://www.seaon.com/movie/mov_short.html (old friends of Seaon will recognise some edited footage they may have seen before).

I would also like to take the opportunity to high light that we speak Swedish (or even “Scandinavian”), English, German and to some extent French (mainly written with some assistance). We always enjoy “speaking Multihull” and it is “Multinational”!

We speak English!
Wir sprechen Deutsch!
On parle Francais!
Vi talar ”skandinaviska”!