Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Updated Seaon website Seaon

As some may have noticed we have updated our website slightly (as always - excellent work by Jonas and Anders at agency "Svensson" ( Objective being amongst others:

  • High lighting blog/news, where we communicate new pictures, news, events, thoughts and more. (Thanks for comments and feed back! Please continue– it is highly appreciated, potentially also using blog comment facility.)
  • We have taken away the forum on the main menu due to little activity and some confusion about when to use the Forum as opposed to Blog. The Forum still exists but will be used for special purposes and on request.
  • Also we have uploaded a movie – Experience 1 (old friends of Seaon will recognise some edited footage they may have seen before).

I would also like to take the opportunity to high light that we speak Swedish (or even “Scandinavian”), English, German and to some extent French (mainly written with some assistance). We always enjoy “speaking Multihull” and it is “Multinational”!

We speak English!
Wir sprechen Deutsch!
On parle Francais!
Vi talar ”skandinaviska”!