Thursday, 30 March 2006

Starting our OWN new production

Finally, after many considerations and outsourcing trials we now opened our fully own production. Having looked at more than 30 facilities we found our place: Close to a 1000 square meters and approx 250 square meters of office space is perfect for our needs!

Someone might know we partly had our own production for a short while, however not in appropriate facilities.

In theory outsourcing is good, but when you are in the front line of technology your supplier will not put any efforts (or in effect admit any mistakes ) on R&D (however to be honest – I would proably have acted in the same way. Shipyards are not among the most profitable business´). As a customer (Seaon that is) you will have to pay for all developments without having the pleasure of actually owning them and being able to develop them further. Boy, have we spent resources on repairing other peoples jobs…not that we are totally innocent of doing mistakes… however it feels better to be fully responsible and repairing your own mistakes.

Also when outsourcing as a small customer …..well, I do not know how to put it…you are for sure not a high priority especially if it is about some more advanced technology. The chasing, begging for deliveries is a full time jobb for many people! (As an “anekdote” – two years ago we had an orderbook of 10 boats….but could not deliver. That is part of the reason to why there has not been an extensive newsfeed from Seaon)

Anyhow – we are so convinced about our concept! Full steam ahead! Now we need to build the “preg”room, oven, paintbox with environmental filters, gigs etc.