Thursday, 22 March 2007

New sail design - the Max Jib

The main and self tacking jib has certainly been more than enough for new Seaon sailors and still is in most conditions. However it seems the "need for speed" will always grow when becoming more experienced. In very light wind conditions, approx less than 7-8 knots the more experienced sailor (and the racing crew probably up to 10-12 knots) will enjoy the added approx 9 sqm sail area of the new overlapping Max Jib developed by Mats at Gransegel (also a Seaon founder). On the pictures you can see a furling version (the Gransegel "Glider" concept) of the Max Jib. This means the Seaon 96crb will carry 70 sqm sail area upwind on approx 1400 kg.