Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Carbon trimaran – “carbomania minded” staff

Producing a high tech carbon trimaran has its sides….
Of course quality and productivity is key, but obviously as a manager half the battle to progress is won if the staff takes pride in their product. Not only to the extent that they take their families to the show the production and product, but also in the participation in the “look and feel” of the product”. Working with carbon cloth and especially with various fabrics that give almost a magic look and feeling creates a state of “carbomania”. In some cases it is almost hard to resist proposals for new developments with a carbon finish – balancing of the staff “R&D” time is needed. Not that a carbon finish may be everyone’s desire, however some constraint less “creative projects” are important to keep an open mind, continuous development and testing of new concepts going, not only hard facts productivity and functionality. The latest developments that have left the “creative studio” on the floor are amongst other the companion way carbon stairway, the carbon boarding step and the carbon saloon windows frames.

But it is not only about the finish, as always for us …it is about the weight - and on the production floor we do understand the importance of weight. More than often Stefan (Design) has explained the importance of getting into the positive weight spiral (less weight requiring less reinforcements, requiring a lower mast and less sail area, requiring less material…..) or as marketing puts it:” the weight of the interior for free”.