Sunday, 27 April 2008

Trimaran saling - spring signs in Stockholm!

Time to launch SWE 4

Finally spring arrived in Stockholm – weather and the launching of Mats and Jan-Erik’s new Seaon 96crb included. Actually it is Mats second Seaon, he was also the owner of Seaon nr 1. Thank you Mats for the continued trust in us - Jan-Erik obviously included!

Mats and Jan-Erik unpacking (sorry for the bad angle Jan-Erik!)

First days in water there was still some thin ice to crush in the mornings at the mooring, however now things really picked up and even the "hang arounds" managed to get some air under their wings.....

Mats the sailmaker, Stefan the designer and Noel (previously Gransegel now becoming multihull guru) even managed to have some nice “lunch sailing” in 8-10 knots of wind during a beautiful spring day

We are boosted with trimaran energy! Not only because it is spring and we can get out on the water again for that long missed feeling, but also because one can really feel the change of sentiment in the sailing community. For a substantially larger group it is not anymore about "if" but "when"…..!