Monday, 28 July 2008

Spontaneous trimaran get together – at minimal space

Greetings from a spontaneous (well..... it took a few phone calls to find out positions and agendas which left only a “one” day window) get together at Fåglarö in the Stockholm Archipelago.

At the dock (0,3- 1 m of water) FRA 1 (the Pagots on visit in Sweden), SUI 1 (the Reiz’ on visit in Sweden ), SWE 3 (the Grims) and SWE 4 (the “Jan-Erik Palmkvist” (co-owner together with “Mr Seaon Sweden” Mats Leader original owner of first Seaon SWE1) just having crossed the Baltic back from Finland in quite harsh conditions – the Baltic can offer nasty conditions with varying and quite steep and short wave patterns). To “glorify” the “get together” the Mr Designer Stefan Törnblom with his wife May accompanied SWE4 the last miles to the rendezvous.

Obviously the three Seaons heading north the day after engaged themselves in a spontaneous race .....with the usual discussions and explanations about spots of no wind, vacation load, sails etc. (Who won? Rumours say “the Reiz’)

A lovely day and evening in likable company and weather – it did generate energy for more!

/Ulrika (assistant organizer, big fan and supporter) and Jan