Saturday, 28 June 2008

Seaon trimarans in the Stockholm Archipelago

There will be six Seaons sailing in our beautiful Stockholm Archipelago this summer, four “natives” and two visitors. Of course one the visitors is our busy sailor Bernard from Bretagne who is sailing here in June and July in his Eureka with his wife Michelle. The other visitors are Sebastian and Kerstin from Lausanne.

Ready for Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm Archipelago offers fantastic sailing conditions (and we hope also nice weather for visitors). A multihull offers major advantages since many mooring places are crowded with monohulls needing draft enough to “dock” the bow to the cliffs – which is how it mostly is done in the Archipelago. With a multihull you can in many cases get your own bay or even an island due to the shallow draft needed. Also multihull custom in the Archipelago is even mooring one float to a flat cliff instead of using an anchor (there is no tidal water and in principle no currents).

Moored for midsummer (not at a cliff but very shallow water...)

If you are a permanent resident here, the speed is highly appreciated since there in many cases are quite long “transport passages” to get out of the inner Archipelago. Also many of the fantastic nature experiences are in the outer archipelago some 25-30 nm to sail. With a multihull you can leave for home after lunch (+ coffee) on a Sunday afternoon.

Michelle and Bernard celebrating traditional Swedish Midsummer

Come and visit us - it absolutetly worth it (article about Stockholm Archipelago in french Magazine Voile et Voiliers mentioned in our blog earlier this spring)
Midsummer regards from Stockholm Archipelago!